12th ERP Meetings were held

We have continued the tradition, and this year we gathered to meet, socialize and find out how to improve business by applying new technologies. IIB welcomed between 150 and 160 participants from over 40 successful domestic and regional companies. The venue for the 12th “ERP Meetings” („ERP susreti“) was Sremski Karlovci, a city of unique charm, and a gathering took place at the hotel „Dunav“. Wonderful terrace,  unique vista, great food and wine … But first and foremost, wonderful people, something that brings us together every year …

After the cocktail of welcome and keynote,  the gathering began formally with Dr. Oliver Tosković’s lecture titled „Hitchhiker’s Guide to thinking“ (“Autostoperski vodič kroz mišljenje”). He spoke of what modern psychology says about the way of thinking, conclusion, and learning. After a brief break, Miroslav Aničin gave a lecture on risk management during project implementation, and then Milos Bošnjak talked about how to increase the productivity of the information system. This topic will be discussed in detail in the text that will be released in June issue of PC Press. After a coffee break, socializing and sharing experiences, Janko Isidorović from Nelt introduced us to the Internet of Things and talked about new technologies that will completely change the way we do business and will have great impact on our daily lives. The latest lecture was given by Andrija Vesković, Director of Datatek, in which IS management was discussed: the importance of support and its impact on the reduction of operating costs.

After the formal part of „ERP Meetings“ came lunch, and further participants split into two groups. The first went to a competition in the orientation, and the other in an organized trekking. The orienteering route was slightly shorter than the previous year, but the control points were less noticeable, so the participants did not have an easy task. When it comes to trekking, this year we had quite ambitious plans. Trek route initially demanded more effort, but after the climb to the ridge participants were awarded with a beautiful view of Novi Sad, the Danube and Sremska Karlovca. Đorđe Balašević, famous folk singer, once used the verses: “I look at Banat, Srem and Bačka down from Fruška gora mountain“, and probably Stražilovo had inspired him to feel like a “Panonian sailor “. After returning to the hotel came a party, gala dinner with good food, quality wine and tamburitza orchestra that provided good atmosphere and festive that lasted until late at night.

On the second day of summit, after breakfast, we went for an organized tour of Sremski Karlovci accompanied by people from a local tourist organization. The guides talked about the history and importance of this site for Serbian national identity, and the participants also visited the treasury of the Serbian Ortodox Church and the Patriarchal House. All participants had the opportunity to learn something new and also, in their own organization, visit a few wineries and try Karlovac Bermet, a desert wine that is a trademark of this region.

Participants of the 12th “ERP Meetings” returned from Sremski Karlovci with good impressions. Overall assessment of the summit, lectures and other activities is excellent. Following a shorter vacation, we’ll get into organization of 13th „ERP Meetings“. A good tradition should continue, as well as the trend that, from year to year, this summit is getting more and more participants. Cheers!