IIB today

IIB, with its partners, is engaged in the develompent and maintenance of business information systems for manufacuring and trade of goods and services. Among other things, we enable you to forseen your needs for business IS implementation, and if you already have we will help you in defining information requirements. We can help you to select modern software solutions, computers, equipment and prepare the network infrastructure, will advise you how to achieve expected. In the end, if you want the service on a “turnkey” we will deliver and provide a start of information system based on the family of our products UPIS.


Advocacy of a culture of human use of information technology.


Balanced growth and market expansion with an aspiration towards business excellence.


Creating a world-class software products that meet the expectations of our customers.

Business Policy

  • Establishing an effective business system IIB’s capable to meet the needs of employees and customers.
  • Create new and keep existing customers through the development and innovation of useful applications of high reliability and quality.
  • Doing business profitable, growing fair and long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers.
  • Achieve efficiency in the development of software products with the balance of creation and new knowledge.
  • Motivate and develop staff and train users to work effectively and performing ease of use of computer techniques through continuous education and counseling.

Miloš Bošnjak