Mali UPIS is a is a package of business softwarebox-mali, business models, service and support, and is intended for the management of resources in micro and small enterprises, up to 5 competing licenses. It can be expanded to maximum of 9 licenses, and in case of company growth it can be inherited by UPIS.Partner that supports existing business model and achieved functionality. The package comes with business software, pre-programmed business model, training, introduction and support. Mali UPIS has small price and this is certainly one of the most affordable ERP solutions for small businesses that can be found on the Serbian market. The limitation is that it does not support development upon user’s request, but can be extended by existing reports of UPIS.Partner. Mali UPIS supports add-on for retail business (UPIS.Kasa).

Author of software platform Mali UPIS is IIB, and author of business model is Vede IT, which is exclusive distributor of this package. Mali UPIS and UPIS.Partner are working on same software platform and they have the same user interface and database. It is implemented by using efficient methodology, developed by Vede IT, which significantly reduces the time and cost of the implementation process.