UPIS.Veb is an application that consists of Internet ordering and Internet reporting.

Internet ordering is an extension of the UPIS products used for trade with corporate customers over the Internet. Internet does not represent the future but the present business, and Internet messaging is a tool that creates realistic conditions for the increase of sales volume, thereby increasing the accuracy in the work and saves the time required for order, which results in reduced costs.

This is a tool that puts the customer at the disposal of inventories, prices, status, delivery and payment obligations. In other words, it enables customers to:

  • order
  • receive orders confirmation
  • print documents
  • share documents, and gain insight about the current state of delivery
  • have an insight into the structure of traffic etc.

This solution also supports visual presentation of products, as well as the manipulator to replace the missing items. It Supports work with individual customers as well as groups, using current price lists, contracts and conditions of sale.

Internet reporting allows you to view all reports from UPIS through the website.