UPIS.Net specialialized solutions

COOPERATION IN AGRICULTURE covers tasks of long-term co-operation, with or without funding and financing, with the possibility of natural exchange with subcontractors. It enables monitoring parcels, crop rotations, treatment of crops, livestock, treatments and other important aspects per cooperator. Negotiation, reception, purchasing, consignment, replacement and quality control of agricultural products with purchase calculation give complete insight into business of raw materials production. Specificities for sugar beet, grain, tobacco, vegetables, milk and meat are developed.

ENGINEERING AND SERVICES as a special solution, allow monitoring of data flows in engineering, starting from tender, through prices analysis, making offers, pre-calculation, contracting and communication with subcontractors to situating in all phases of work and completed situation. It enables implementation of a sliding scale or recalculating to one of the currencies.

UTILITY SERVICES is a specific solution that covers records of customers with multiple contracts, legal entities and individuals, for various types of utility services. It enables delivery and reading consumption through measuring points from substations to the consumer level measuring points, after routes that are grouped by the regions, streets and buildings. The calculation and billing, depending on type of contract, is being done for companies, with one or more measuring devices and for individuals, with joint or separate measuring device. It also takes into account advanced payments and various types of discounts and exemptions. Invoices are also billing reports, containing information on outstanding debt, interest and advance payments.