Announcement of IIB’s participation at BizIT 2018

IIB will again be the sponsor of the BizIT 2018 conference, the theme of which is “Industry 4.0”. In which way do new technologies go and how can they be best used in business? Our contribution to the conference will be a lecture with the (traditionally) unusual title “BizMis and Food of Today”, in which Miloš Bošnjak will talk about the traceability applied in agriculture.

UPIS, from fields to the table

In the October issue of the “PC Press” magazine, our article on the implementation of the UPIS ERP solution in agricultural enterprises was published. Here you can get acquainted with most of the features that UPIS supports when it comes to buying, cooperating and other specific functionalities that are important in related field. This text is also the first announcement of our lecture, which Miloš Bošnjak will hold at the BizIT 2018 conference, and we invite you to join and meet us on November 8 and 9 this year in the “Club of Deputies” (

IIB’s participation at 12th RFE

IIB participated again in the fair in Nova Pazova. 12th Regional Fair of Economy was held on September 27 and 28, 2018, within the complex of sports and recreational pools in Nova Pazova, organized by the Municipality of Stara Pazova and Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce of Srem Administrative District.

Someone else’s=sweeter?

Boris Vukić from the consulting firm Adizees SEE once said: “Never claim that a company is well organized until you start working there.” A similar remark can be made in the case of business software. In Serbia, currently there are more than 100 IT companies that produce their own or do implementation of regional (foreign and domestic) and global ERP solutions that work on different technology platforms, are sold or rented. If we add “small” business applications, the number of players becomes dizzyingly large, and the choice is very difficult.

Updates in accordance with the new VAT policy

The UPIS updates which enable the creation of a tax return in accordance with the new VAT Regulations, which comes into force on July 1, 2018, have been completed and implemented . Our users can find more information on the IIB portal.

Choice, because you got to have it

“In the modern world, the customer is at the center of attention, but it’s easy to see that it’s just a commercial, because he often becomes a hostage of his own choice. However, the client should retain the right to an opinion, and then the right to make the right choice! Looking at the ERP market, otherwise completely legitimate cloud solutions, based on the Software as a Service (SAAS) principle, are not always the right choice … “