Truth, from the beginning onwards

Another BIZIT conference, the eighth in a row, which was held on November 3 and 4 this year in the Club of Deputies, in Belgrade, has ended. The theme of this year’s BIZIT was “Battle for users”, and as the organizers state: “In the conditions of the crisis, only companies that quickly adapted to the new needs of users survived and even progressed.” Since its establishment, IIB has nurtured values ​​that promote an open and honest relationship with users, so the need to be a part of this event naturally arose.

Announcement of our participation оn BIZIT 2021

IIB will be a participant in the BIZIT 2021 conference this year as well. Our director Miloš Bošnjak will hold a lecture entitled “Truth, from the beginning onwards” in which he will talk about the relationship with users before, during and after the implementation of the information system.

Happy holidays!

It has been more than a year since a pandemic of the COVID-19 virus hit the entire planet. It affected all of us: it changed the way we work and spend everyday moments with our loved ones. In the past period, IIB has made every effort to ensure that the new way of working, by providing remote support, does not affect the quality of services to our clients. We hope that we have succeeded in that.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

The year behind us was full of challenges. Together, we had to deal with the consequences of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, we were also conditioned to change the way we work and, to a large extent, switch to work from home. Armed with new experiences, with the hope that in the next 2021 there will be a normalization of life and business, we wish you happy upcoming holidays. First of all, good health, and then a lot of success, both in business and in private life.

Today it’s our beautiful day!

On this day, exactly 30 years ago, the company IIB was born. It was created as a family business, and even today it is a “mildly larger” family consisting of over 50 full-time employees and partners. IIB was established with the aim of becoming a leading regional and local supplier of ERP class software and, using its knowledge, to remain a major factor in the implementation of information systems in successful companies.

Song for new work triumphs

We’re working over the wire,
not to infect you- that’s our desire.
We’ll fight all odds despite not being immortal,
just let us know through the customers’ portal!