BIZIT 2019

BIZIT 2019 is over, a two-day event that aims to become the most visited regional IT conference. This time BIZIT lasted 2 days, gathered over 600 participants, and the program was significantly richer than in previous years. Our company certainly contributed to this, as Miloš Bošnjak gave a lecture on “UPISMENjavanje” and participated in a panel discussion, and Slavko Vujnović hosted an „Excel Kitchenette“ workshop where tips and shortcuts for working in this software were demonstrated.

13th Regional Economy Fair

The 13th Regional Economy Fair in Nova Pazova was held. As in previous years, it was hosted by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Srem administrative district, and this event took place on September 26 and 27 as part of the complex of sports and recreational swimming pools in Nova Pazova.

Memories on Miodrag Popović “Bata”

On Sunday, May 26, 2019 our friend, colleague and colleague Miodrag Popovic “Bata” has passed away. We will remember him as an incredibly intelligent and witty man, a good colleague and great expert. Bata was able to get into the problem, develop a solution, perform testing and finish the calculation of employee salaries of our clients on time and within the deadline. At this moment, we are all deeply affected and we can only add that we will miss him a lot.

14th ERP meetings

Another ERP summit has ended ( This year our host was hotel “Fontana” in Vrnjačka Banja, and from May 23 to 25 we were socializing, exchanging experiences and enjoying the natural beauties of this part of Serbia. We gathered between 150 and 160 participants from 50 companies, and the share of users of the UPIS ERP solution was higher than at the previous gatherings, which is especially pleasing to us. Next year IIB will be celebrating 30 years of existence, we plan a big summit and hope that the number of participants will climb to 200. Some would say that this is an ambitious goal, but when people come once, they are often returning, so we think that our aim is not unrealistic at all.

DATUM 2019

One more DATUM conference has ended, and this year the it was held from April 16 to 17 at “Crowne Plaza” hotel. DATUM (DAni Tehnološkog UMeća) are conferences of professional and educational character in the field of information and communication technologies, where participants can get acquainted with the latest solutions in the field of system integration and data centers as well as business software (ERP, CRM, DMS, BI ).

Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (in whatever order to celebrate them)! Good health, peace, love, happiness and a lot of business success wishes you management and employees of the IIB company.