Why Business Intelligence? UPIS ERP solutions are containing more than 3000 reports that can help users on making business decisions. However, these reports are often not suitable for managers because they do not want to delve into the details of operations. They need more concise, beautiful and accurate reports that can help them to rapidly make best business decisions.

UPIS.API (API=Business intelligence tools) include applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analysing, sharing, access and presentation of data in order to make optimal decisions. In other words, those data through analysis, are converted into information that allow us to finding the right mode of operation.

Data Warehouse is a special form of organization, where the data are being denormalized and adjusted to quick search. UPIS.API is not conditioning the company of buying specific business intelligence solutions, it offers an open platform data warehouse with a basic set of reports realized with the help of Microsoft’s “self-service” BI tools (Power Pivot, Power BI). Therefore, there is no need for additional investment.

UPIS data warehouse allows perennial, consolidating view of the data. Although it does not use expensive BI tools it provides significantly faster reporting in relation to transactional systems. The same reports are the through Power BI service immediately available on Web and mobile platforms (Windows, Android, iOS).