UPIS.Partner is ERP solution for planning and managing all resources in small and medium-sized companies. It provides software support for automated business information system and monitors objects, equipment, personnel, finance, and other goods through their lifecycle. It aims companies from 6 to 15 competing licenses, expandable up to 24 licenses.

UPIS.Partner is a product which shares same databasebox-partner as UPIS.Net. It is supported by menu in the form of trees and adapted to the work of individual business areas, such as: procurement, sales, production, maintenance, HR, salaries, accounting… It is delivered with prototype business model, developed in IIB, for the corresponding business area. It is adjusted to information requirements through parametrization, and it if it’s necessary by additional development. could be integrated with applications for: retail, merchandizing, warehouse management, web operations, document management system and business intelligence tools (BI). It can be also integrated with information systems for manufacturing and systems for electronic data exchange (EDI).

UPIS.Partner has somehow reduced functionality compared to UPIS.Net (description of its modules), which can be extended by purchasing its add-ons (quick masks, ledger, planning and budgeting, production lists, weighing, crops purchase, financing cooperation, service and maintenance, service storage, engineering, utilities, etc).

Sales, training, implementation and maintenance is performed by IIB or certified partners.