IIB_logoIIB is a software company that was founded on 11th May 1990. Our initial name was “Informatical Engineering Bošnjak – Belgrade” (“Informatički inženjering Bošnjak – Beograd”) and we later shortened it for practical reasons. Company founder Dušan Bošnjak, who in his illustrious career was: a system programmer, analyst, designer, head of the development of scientific, technical and business applications, the head of the IT center … Together with his wife Marija, a few relatives and close associates embarked the entrepreneurial waters and was the creator of UPIS, the first Serbian (Yugoslav) ERP solution that has embedded knowledge and experience from implementations of information systems in large Yugoslav enterprises.

Dušan described founding of IIB in following words:

It was forced by the situation, and not some of my preference. In the West you start a business with initial capital of 2 million euros; I had no such funds so I used a forgotten Serbian system – moba (gathering of people for a specific purpose). Fortunately, I was surrounded by people familiar with information technology. First, my wife, then my brother, my son also early got into the process… When my brother got married his wife has joined us who, although not from IT, showed exceptional. Those were hard times when people did not need the software because they did not have any money for basic needs, but we managed thanks to our perseverance. We believed that our time will come, but it was not there the whole twelve years. We barely made ends meet, but we decided to make our own product, with the idea that it is an integral information system. This software package is now called ERP. And here we were saved by “family manufacture”: we didn’t loose our employees during hard times, when competition did. When the business began to grow, we expanded. Again, we employed people close to us, mostly friends from studies and former jobs.Today, a significant part of the employees are relatives, friends and acquaintances …


Dušan Bošnjak was also known for his fight on the preservation of Serbian language and identity. We remember him as a great connoisseur of old Serbian history. It is quite different from the things we have learned in school. It is in accordance with the forgotten lore says that the Serbs (Slavs) are one of the oldest indigenous people in the region. Since we are Slavs, which namely means “those who know the letters”, IIB has always nurtured the Cyrillic writing and the use of Serbian words. Dušan was a great connoisseur of wine and a member of association of “Serbian Krivak”. He tragically died on 4th February 2012 and shall remain in our memory as honest, fair and kind man who had carried on his way. In his short autobiography he wrote:

In my awake state I always tried to stick to Dharma: work constantly, earnestly, calmly and honestly; live prudently, clean and tamed; be kind and just to all relatives, friends and associates…

Although the departure of our founder us was a great loss, IIB continued its successful operations and growth. Company management was taken by founders’ son Miloš Bošnjak. Today we have more than 30 full-time employees and large number of external partners. We are specialized for design and implementation of business information systems fit for the customers. Successful implementations are the reason of more than 25 years of our business presence at local and regional markets.