UPIS.Kasa is a separate software product that works exclusively with the UPIS ERP family of software products, and includes retail of goods, products and services in retail outlets with one or more “cash register”. It supports work with fiscal printers during sales, and for the Serbian market from 2022, a new way of working with PFR devices for fiscalization and printing on standard thermal printers. It manages the stock status locally and exchanges data with UPIS.Net, UPIS.Partner and Mali UPIS solutions. Supports work with payment card terminals and instant payment via National Bank of Serbia. It has its own loyalty system using loyalty cards and is open to connecting with others.kasa

UPIS.Kasa consists of several functional units and extensions:

UPIS.Kasa prodajna (sales module)

Functional module in charge of sales in a retail facility. It supports shift work, with the possibility of defining workers (cashiers), cash deposit in the treasury and records of cross-sections of the balance and fiscal and non-fiscal daily report. Special attention is paid to comfort, speed and simplicity of work with the possibility of several ways of searching for items, as well as working with bar code readers. The package is completely adapted to work with the keyboard in such a way that, during the sale and payment, it is possible to perform all operations using the keyboard, without the use of a mouse. Important functionalities: discounts (regular and special rebates, freebies, “lucky hour”, prize games, related purchases, etc.), payments (several ways and types of payments, checks, payment cards, workers, own consumption, utility costs, hot meal, recipes, military prescriptions, RFZO, club cards, vouchers, etc.), documents (LE invoice and invoice for bank transfer payment, PE invoice, PE invoice can reserve the balance, product replacement, FI corrections through NI forms, advance payment and cancellation, etc.) , items (records and collection of returnable packaging with the issuance of non-fiscal clippings, the possibility of creating a package-item sold in the box office as one item, sale of fruit and vegetable classes by conversion to first class at a discount, recognition-interpretation of weight and piece bar codes printed on scales which is located within the retail object and/or direct reading of the weight from the scale, recognition and guidance of the item by series or serial number with mandatory entry for each individual piece, etc.). Reports: comparing cash register with sales overview; cross-section of the situation, periodic and daily reports. In UPIS.Kasi worker can have different levels of authority from the lowest who has the right to make only basic sales, through higher levels when it is possible to cancel the started document, give discounts, to the highest who has the right to make synchronizations with ERP, prints different reports … Login is done with a username and password and can be done by scanning the employee’s bar code.

UPIS.Kasa prodajna nadgradnja – samouslužna (self-service module)

This module enables the integration of UPIS.Kasa with “NCR Self Check out”. Here UPIS.Kasa works as background application and runs fiscalisation, printing and charging goods and services while customer’s softare runs cash register and scale that controls whether all purchased items are shown on fiscal receipt.

UPIS.Kasa prodajna nadgradnja – plaćanja (payments module)

Supports advanced options regarding payment methods, namely: sales of goods in installments to employees of other legal entities, with a contract with a legal entity and a defined limit for purchase for each employee, sale on credit to individuals, if there is a bank branch in the retail facility (with which there is a loan agreement) or in the case that the company is a lender to individuals, which includes recording the type of loan, the percentage of participation and the method of collection of participation and collection of loan costs. Participation on the spot is paid by the buyer and the rest of the loan is paid by the bank. Supports the creation of fiscal invoices based on data taken from the internal delivery note or pro forma invoice or work order pro forma invoice or ERP delivery note in online mode.

UPIS.Kasa prodajna nadgradnja – lojalnost (loyality module)

It has the ability to record sales of club (loyalty) cards to customers, with bar code control. Loyalty program with a discount for quantity over a defined limit in a given time interval and the ability to define VIP customers with a guaranteed discount. Periodic discount calculation corrects the given discounts on individual cards. There is a possibility to take care of the earned funds on the loyalty cards, and their spending on future purchases. He writes them off as needed after a certain period.

UPIS.Kasa prodajna nadgradnja – dodir (touch screen module)

Allows, when selling and paying, to perform all operations using the touch screen: item selection (search for items by name, manufacturer, price, code, brand name), cross-search by multiple criteria, enter quantity, switch to payment, select payment method , bank selection, payment amount entry, invoice printing call. Defining “pages” with thematically categorized items allows easy navigation by touching the desired “page” and the article itself. Items can be accompanied by icons that appear next to the item code and name on the selected “page”. Another way to search for items on the touch screen is to cross-search by criteria of code, class, price, manufacturer and item name.

UPIS.Kasa prodajna upravljači (drivers)

It includes several modules that manage peripherals, ie. fiscal printers, PFR modules and thermal printers. These modules work with the UPIS.Kasa prodajna or UPIS.Kasa glavna modules. They support work with fiscal printers Galeb GP-550, HCP P2DS and INT RASTER FP600, several models for the BiH market, printer screen and cash drawer. According to the new way of working in Serbia, fiscal printers will be abolished in 2022, and PFR modules and ordinary thermal printers will replace them (OPOS compatible printers from Epson, Bixolon, NCR, Seiko, Star… are supported). Software and hardware LPFR modules from various manufacturers are supported, as well as one integrated device from the company Intraster, which includes an LPFR module, a high-quality thermal printer and a security element. These managers provide fiscalization and printing of various types of documents, partial or complete corrections of these documents, printing of non-fiscal clippings with advertising messages, cross-section, daily and periodic reports. Ensures that the fiscal invoice is sent to the press even in case of non-existence, ie. termination of the conditions for printing the invoice (loss of electricity or paper, turning off the printer), print correctly and completely after the necessary conditions are met. In this case, the manager prevents the creation of new accounts in the meantime. In Serbia, since 2022, the recommended work with 80mm thermal paper has been supported, and with a smaller number of models with 57mm paper.

UPIS.Kasa glavnа (main module)

This module covers all the functionalities of the UPIS.Kasa module and expands them. It is in charge of the data exchange function between UPIS.Kasa and ERP. The exchange is done at the request and request of the user, and usually at the level of shifts. Transfer of stocks of retail facilities in the cash register can be done as transfer of stocks with leveled prices (after cutting the balance and daily report) or transfer of stocks during the shift, without changing the price at the cash register (if there is a need to update the balance due to critical items article bases new). The transfer of other master data is done as needed (eg adding workers or a new method of payment), and the export of documents from the cash register is done at intervals provided by the organization of sales and legal regulations. Some of the additional functionalities: in the mode of multi-cash registers in one MP facility, it collects all data from all cash registers, automatically or manually; export of data for filling scales with articles; special recording of canceled invoices before printing and fiscalization in order to analyze possible misuse; supports megamarket mode, parallel charging of all cash registers for minimum duration of synchronization; supports automatic backup of the database after synchronization; printing KEPU books, leveling, retail calculations, labels.

UPIS.Kasa glavna nadgradnja – internа (add-on, internal module)

UPIS.Kasa glavna napredna-interna is a background module that, in cooperation with ERP, creates or modifies internal documents: purchase requisition, inventory, internal receivers and internal return receipts, and prints labels. UPIS. Cashier main advanced-internal works in two modes: mode of change and authentication in UPIS. Cashier main advanced-internal (documentation is formed in ERP and transferred to the retail object in the software UPIS. These documents are transferred to the ERP during synchronization, where they correct the initial documents from which they were created or form new ones), the mode of entry in UPIS.Kasa main advanced-internal elements are obtained only when transferred to ERP).

UPIS.Kasa glavna nadgradnja – eksterna (add-on, external module)

UPIS.Kasa glavna napredna-eksterna is a background module that, in cooperation with ERP, creates or modifies external documents: orders, receipts from vendors and return receipts. It works in two modes: mode of change and validation in UPIS.Kasa glavna napredna-eksterna (documentation is formed in ERP and transferred to the retail object into  UPIS.Kasa glavna napredna-eksterna module where it chan be changed and validated. During synchronization documents are transfered to ERP where they change initial documents or create new ones), input mode of UPIS.Kasa glavna napredna-eksterna (here we create documents and enter only quantites while financial elements are added within UPIS ERP software).