Product comparison

Features Mali UPIS UPIS Partner UPIS Net
Business features
Small companies
Mid-sized companies
Big companies
Average annual income of companies where the software was implemented 850К € 6М € 17М €
Minimum turnkey investment (min. number of licenses) 1.500 € 20К € 30К €
Maximum turnkey investment (max. number of licenses) 10.000 € 60К € N
Number of days from signing contract to system kick-start 15 90+ 120+
Software platform
SQL Server 2005/2008
SQL Server 2012/2019
Business model
3PI initial prototype – open
3PI initial prototype
Mali UPIS – predefined business model
Data Dictionary for parameters
User rights for additional development
User rights for development through parametrization
Way of work
Concurrent users
jobs / computers
License includes an unlimited number of legal entities
Minimal number of licenses 1 6 10
Maximal number of licenses 9 29 N
Estimated number of employees / number of licenses less than 50 / 1-9 50-250 / 6-29 100+ / 10+
Ability to upgrade
UPIS Partner
Package support after the warranty period
Duration of the warranty period (months) 12 12 12
Warranty period begins after kick-start
Work of consultants included
Bug fixes and new versions
Master data
Internal trade
Foreign trade
Development and design
Planning extra charge
Manufacturing •*
Maintanance •*
Warehouse management
Finances & economics
Human Resources
QMS support
Plant accounting
Cooperation in agriculture extra charge
Engineering & services extra charge
Utilities extra charge
B2B, EDI (electronic data exchange) extra charge
Ledger extra charge
MS Office integration
Retail management
Mobile management (ordering, merchandizing & warehouse management)
Web purchasing and reporting
Data Warehouse – BI
Imtegration with Lobo-DMS and process server Lobo-Talk
*full functionality is provided with extra charge