UPIS ideas for 2016

December is the month in which we summarize impressions of the past year and make plans for a new one. With the wish that the new year all together to be even more successful, we gathered our customers so that we presented to them existing and new technological concepts, exchange ideas and experience in the business.

Our meeting started with lecture held by Slavko Vujnović on the news that brings Excel 2016 with an emphasis on business intelligence solutions. We mentioned the ways of licensing Office 2016 solutions for business customers. We have shown some of its new features with an emphasis on new charts and Forecast Sheet option. Further we demonstrated how to use PowerQuery in order to retrieve information from the Internet, arrange add it to Data Model in order to create PowerPivot reports. Briefly we have shown how to make 3D maps in Excel 2016.

Miloš Bošnjak assisted by Nenad Nikolić gave a lecture about the solution for business intelligence UPIS.API. After the introduction, where he was talking about the concept of data warehousing and business intelligence, as well as the ways of their implementation by the IIB, demonstrated a wide variety of reports for monitoring and cost control, profitability and other key performance indicators. On this occasion, we have shown a novelties brought by Excel 2016, with an emphasis on easier ways to create, change and find reporting dimensions. At previous meetings we often talk about solutions for business intelligence, but this was so far the most complete lecture which is result of extensive experience and acquired business knowledge.

After a break for lunch and refreshments, Miloš Bošnjak and Zoran Lazarević gave lecture regarding UPIS ERP solution and its integration with partners (DM Document Management) solution for managing business processes, lobo-talk. This is an independent solution that is used to orchestrate other business software, and facilitates the design, modification and implementation of business processes.

We hope that in the future will be more frequent opportunities to organize such meetings, dedicated to the demonstration of solutions from UPIS product family, gathering and exchange of knowledge and experiences between users.