Our participation in conference BizIT 2016

BizIT 2016, one of the most influential business and IT events in the region, has just been over. It has brought together greatest experts in the field of information and communication technologies. Theme of this year’s conference was “Digital Transformation”. First day was dedicated to solutions that cover business “in the cloud” and IT infrastructure, and the next day was filled with lectures about business software, project management, business process management, future of advertising and education. This year we held two lectures, and we had a booth where you could meet us…

On the first day of the conference, after the welcome and keynote speeches, Boris Vukic spoke of “democrature” as an important tool for making and implementing business decisions. Business transformation began with the transformation of the organizational structure, and to do that we need to establish respect and trust. When planning decisions it is important that there is a high degree of democracy, and in the process of implementation them one should be consistent, “a dictator”. Hence the term “democrature”. This lecture was followed by a group of lectures on Cloud Data Centers and technologies and how they can improve business. After lunch, Branko Đaković pointed out that the changes are difficult and that people actually seldom change. This was followed by several lectures on mobile banking, and block was completed by Dejan Ristanović’s great story about Internet safety. First day of the summit ended with two workshops and a panel. The workshops were dedicated to Office365 and marketing solutions. Panel was held by Milovan Matijević who showed us, through numbers, based on surveys conducted for more than 10 years, where lives domestic IT market and where we should go if we are to achieve European standards.

Miloš Bošnjak

The second day of a conference began with group of lectures about ERP and other business software to be followed up with lectures related to project management and business processes. This session was started by Dr. Oliver Tošković who spoke about the secrets of the human psyche, and the mechanisms of reasoning and problem solving. Then Miroslav Aničin talked about project management, and after that Miloš Bošnjak gave a lecture entitled “Von Karajan and virtuosos from the neighborhood.” There was word on the application software LoboTalk as orchestration tool for business processes. Miloš emphasized that business processes must be formalized if we want to get the expected results and avoid or at least reduce, “surprises”. LoboTalk, as an independent tool, can facilitate this process and the successful cooperation with any business software. Also LoboTalk, through notifications via e-mail, greatly facilitates business processes. After Miloš Dragoslav Kenjić held lecture about G2G and G2C Solutions. Then Srđan Đorđević gave a lecture on the importance of clear and accurate communication. He brought us to tears of laughter and, in an extremely simple way, he pointed to the challenges that we meet and how to get the desired solution. After lunch, Lazar Džamić spoke about the future of marketing and how the emergence of new technologies has led to new approaches to advertising. Since users now have the ability to easily choose the content , the advertising focus should shift from traditional marketing to one that is focused on the user: show desired content, solve problems, giving the required response … After the lecture of Aleksandar Stojanović about anticipation of modern media users followed a panel discussion with the theme “Which media have the future”? The last block of lectures was dedicated to IT education and employment, and the conference ended with two workshops. Miroslav Aničin followed up on his lecture on project management, and Katarina Džoković has acquainted us with NLP.

As in the previous year conference host was brilliant Zoran Modli, and he was joined by Vesna Čarknajev and Tatjana Ostojić in the role of a moderators. The organization was impeccable and the atmosphere was very friendly. The general impression is that BizIT, from year to year, makes significant progresses. Although this year brought a lot of “stars” in information technology, marketing and media, this was not at all uptight event. Friendly and domestic atmosphere, provided by the organizers, made possible for this year’s BizIT to fulfill its goal: to be a place for meeting and exchanging ideas.