Managing documents and business processes

We participated in business meeting named “Managing documents and business processes with the use of Azure Office365 and Technology” organized by our partners DM Document Management in collaboration with Microsoft, an event that occurred in the presence of more than 40 participants.

The meeting was opened by Tamara Mišković who, in the name of Microsoft, welcomed all participants. It continued by a presentation of Goran Marjanović where he was talking about DM document management and its DMS solution loboDMS. Further, Miloš Bošnjak spoke about the information systems and its “natural” add-ins. He pointed out that there are two types of companies: first, in which ERP is a dominant solution and second, in which dominant solution is DMS. He also expressed the view that, when deciding about purchase of new software, you shouldn’t be blinded by the brand but should pay attention to how much it can contribute to the company; that is, whether it brings some new information to the management. After a short break Goran Marjanović and Bojan Petrović demonstrated loboDMS. Next, Miloš Bošnjak spoke about the integration with the ERP solution UPIS. In the end, it was demonstrated how to connect to OneDrive for Business and use PowerBI for visualization data from ERP and DMS solutions.