IIB in „Morning IT News“

From beginning of 2018 Informatics Association of Serbia started with organization series of lectures , also known as „Morning IT News“, which are being held every month with goal of presenting new trends on domestic IT scene. Today were presented GDI, CAD-CAM DATA and IIB which have shown its business intelligence solution named UPIS.API.

The lecture was started by Slavko Vujnovic, who defined the term „Business Intelligence“, and spoke about technologies that were used in design of UPIS.API. Further he described solution concept and  scenarios when it is better to use Excel (Power Pivot), and when to use Power BI to create business reports. Further Nenad Nikolić demonstrated the solution by accessing finished reports in cloud. Participants were able to see Power Pivot and Power BI reports in which are shown information about purchasing, sales, finances, warehouse management, manufacturing, HR and salaries…

Summit attendants at the end had several questions. They were curious whether it’s easy to master such technologies, i.e. are users capable, after training, to create Power Pivot and Power Bi reports on they own. They also wanted to know whether Power BI reports can function on premise. To answer that question we described features of Power BI Reporting Server.

General impression is that lecture was interesting and useful. We hope that we’ll further have the chance to speak about business intelligence because this is an area in big expansion and there are always news that deserve to be presented.