DATUM 2019

One more DATUM conference has ended, and this year the it was held from April 16 to 17 at “Crowne Plaza” hotel. DATUM (DAni Tehnološkog UMeća) are conferences of professional and educational character in the field of information and communication technologies, where participants can get acquainted with the latest solutions in the field of system integration and data centers as well as business software (ERP, CRM, DMS, BI ). Digitization is the word that is in the trend, and the organizers and participants have tried to find an answer in solving the (old?) Dilemma: “If you invest (in the digital transformation of business), you will be sorry, but if you do not invest you’ll be sorry even more.” What differs DATUM from similar IT gatherings is that it has not yet taken a completely commercial form; visitors could have direct contact with the lecturers, and they would often share with the audience some “spicy details” that help them to gain new perspectives.

In two sessions, Miloš Bošnjak held lectures on hybrid information systems. The emergence of new technologies has made hybridization inevitable, but how to properly establish a hybrid information system? Whether it will be “Frankenstein”, the styly cluttered being from parts of different people, which, despite some advantages, is mostly rather dysfunctional. Or maybe the “Iron-man” who, by the proper combination of various technological solutions, can overcome its own shortcomings and function as “Superman”, the ideal we all strive for but it does not exist. At the first lecture, Miloš theoretically dealt with the phenomenon of hybridization, while on the other, through concrete examples, he showed this process looks in practice.