IIB’s participation in BIZIT 2018 conference

The BIZIT 2018 conference, which took place on November 7 and 8 in the “Club of Deputies” in Belgrade, has gathered and has gathered over 500 participants. Like previous years, IIB was a sponsor, we had our exhibit space where you could meet us, exchange experiences and enjoy the tradition, the best chocolate bars, at the conference! Excellent organization, interesting speakers and, above all, a great atmosphere for which we are looking forward to some future gatherings organized by our partners from PC Press.

On the first day of the event, lectures were held, which were mostly dedicated to IT infrastructure, cloud computing, Internet and security. Professor Miodrag Zec pointed to the situation in the domestic economy and led us to think and worry. Branko Đaković talked about “whether the 4th Industrial Revolution will eat its children” and he pointed out to listeners that digitization is a process that has been going on for over three decades, and that ideas are periodically recycled and promoted in order to encourage the adoption of new technologies. Boris Vukić spoke, according to his specialty, about organizational transfer and that there are not enough educated managers capable of running companies, and they did not have where acquire necessary knowledge. The end of the first day was marked by an interesting panel on Internet freedoms and copyright protection. The leader, like previous years, was the legendary Zoran Modli, and he was assisted by Radio host Uroš Bogdanović.

Second day of the conference was dedicated to business solutions. We had the opportunity to hear the presentation of representatives of numerous domestic IT houses, and in one of them Miloš Bošnjak talked about the most common mistakes in managing agricultural production. He recalled how traceability, which was once well implemented in the IS, sometimes falls into the water due to the laziness or carelessness of the users. He pointed to the importance of digitization, but that it should be implemented in a way that yields concrete results, not just because it is “trendy.” At the end of the first block, he participated in the panel, together with representatives of several other companies, where they talked about “how much does business software costs“, what it should bring, what are the expectations of the users, what can be realistically fulfilled and what is their role in this process. There were several more interesting lectures, which were completed by another panel, this time on IT education. The panel was attended by a large number of high school students, it was difficult to find a free place in the hall, and multiple guests stood by the end of the conference. Friendship ended with cocktail, the conclusion of all of us was that this was another successful conference. We are looking forward to see recording of some of the lectures on the “BIZIT YouTube” channel.