BizIT 2017

BizIT 2017 conference was held for the fourth time. Through lectures, workshops and networking participants had the opportunity to learn about the innovations and exchange knowledge regarding the business applications of information technologies. Organizers of the conference, our partners from company PC Press, have again fulfilled our expectations and we are glad that BizIT is more and more interesting, has better content, it is more beautiful and visited since last year … The conference was held on November 1 and 2 at the MP’s Club in Belgrade, and this time it gathered more than 400 participants, thus reaffirming the reputation of one of the best IT conferences in the region.

IIB is trying to avoid familiar clichés at the lectures like “our software reduces costs and increases profit”. We do not like to boast, we prefere to be praised by our users, and our attitude is that

such meetings should not serve as much for company promotion, but rather to present and exchange ideas. In line with this year’s conference slogan “Naturaly Digital” we wanted to tell participants about the advantages and dangers of new technologies. Miloš Bošnjak gave a lecture titled “Robots or people, who will get mad/human before“ (it is hard to translate this term from Serbian since it’s a figure of speech). The word was about four “riders” of digital (r)evolution, which are: cloud, social networks, mobility and big data. These trends bring numerous benefits for companies, but also dangers such as the risk of endangering business continuity, security, the disappearance of fundamental business knowledge … The number of information we are bombarded grows day by day, and in the desire to follow them all we become superficial. Multitasking is a trend that is also imposed on us, and we never ask ourselves: if we get everything done did we’ve done it well enough? The conclusion is: new technology is a phenomenal thing, but we should not apply them before carefully access all the benefits and risks, as well as ways they can best contribute to the quality of business.

Our colleagues from company DM Dokumenten Management gave a lecture on “Managing business processes in heterogeneous environments”. Modern business involves implementation of increasingly diverse software solutions. At the same time, business processes require coordinated approach to the performance of individual activities and the centralization of access to information. Goran Marjanovic talked about how to reconcile these two extremes.

The conference was attended by a large number of our users with whom we discussed the news and plans for the coming period. At the same time we have renewed some existing and gained a lot of new acquaintances, all this with impeccable organization in an informal and friendly atmosphere.