Announcement of the 15th ERP Meetings

It is spring time again and the conditions were met, after several years, to get together again. We longed for each other, and we all miss contact with nature and want breathe with our full lungs. On this occasion, we have chosen to organize our annual meeting again at the hotel “Kraljevi čardaci” on Kopaonik. The fifteenth ERP meetings will be held from May 25 to 27, and you can expect, as in previous years, interesting lectures, recreation and good fellowship.

As at previous IIB gatherings, the rule applies: the more there are, the more beautiful and merrier it is. That’s why we decided to give one free registration fee for every two paid ones. That is, if three of you come from one company, you will pay two registration fees, and the third person will only pay the accommodation costs. We hope that this will be a winning combination to organize another successful ERP meeting.

The gathering will begin on Thursday, May 25, after lunch. Depending on your commitments, you will arrive earlier or later, there will be enough time to unpack and rest from the journey. Parking for all meeting participants is free. After dinner, you will be able to pick up registration materials right away, as well as before the start of the next day’s lecture. Right after dinner, we planned to hang out with the IIB quiz. We will test your knowledge, we will play, and this will be the first opportunity to meet new colleagues since it has been four years since the last ERP meeting. Prizes await the best quiz participants!

The next day, May 26, after breakfast we start with the formal part of the program. After the opening of the meeting, there will be an introductory lecture, followed by several blocks of lectures in which you will be able to learn about UPIS news as well as some new, interesting technologies that are in trend or are expected to become so in the next few years. After lunch, an excursion and free time are planned. The animators of the “Kraljevi čardaci” hotel will most likely take us for a walk along the famous “Četiri klupe” trail, where you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Kopaonik and wonderful landscapes. The next day we will go on a slightly longer walk, and the location will be a surprise. Both walks imply that you should bring quality hiking shoes – hiking boots, a bottle of water, and a jacket that protects well from the wind. The walk is not mandatory, if you want you can stay in the hotel and spend the afternoon in the sauna, swimming pool or play a game of tennis on the court with artificial grass. At the end of the day, as tradition dictates, we will socialize at a festive dinner. With a rich music program, we have planned a party that will last until late at night.

On the third day of the meeting, May 27, we did not plan lectures. After breakfast, you can check out or, in agreement with the hotel, extend your stay in “Kraljevi čardaci”. Then we go on another excursion, a slightly longer walk, during which we will visit some more natural beauties of Kopaonik. These are preliminary plans, everything depends on the weather forecast, and after the May Day holidays you will be able to see the detailed program on the ERP meeting website. We promise you a lot of positive energy, plenty of oxygen, a great view and good company.

You can apply on the  following link. Welcome to 15th ERP meetings!